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The Most Ancient yet Pristine, Time-proven Mechanism
to Slide Smoothly through Any and Every Problem of Your Life:

What is the Technology of Consciousness and why does it concern you, or rather, why should it gravely concern you?

(Please Note: This page can drastically change your perception about everything, even who you think you are.
You will never think in the same way again after carefully reading this page.)

  • Why are you not healthy?
  • Why is it that you keep getting caught up in emotions all the time?
  • Why is it that your actions keep falling short of the expectations that you have set for yourself?
  • Why are you always on a look out for some motivation, whether in the form of money or a companion?
  • Why have you molded yourself into this mundane existence where you have accepted pain, suffering and unanswered questions as your reality?
  • Why have you made yourself believe that you have no choice, no escape, no way out?

But why am I asking you all these questions? And Who Am I?
(Ah..’Who am I’… thats an important question…as you will see as you read on)

Let me begin the way everything begins, with a name.

Lavlesh has been working with people as a facilitator on Self-Perfection and Leadership in Psycho-Spiritual and Social spaces which potently demand change and growth including the Corporate World, Educational Institutes and Youth from various universities and colleges.

With vast exposure to various industries like the Training Industry, Service Industry in the space of Traveling and Hospitality, Research, Outsourcing and IT, Lavlesh has also been working with teachers and educators as well as youth from various universities such as Jammu University, Kashmir University, Islamic university, Delhi University, Indian Institute of Technology etc.

Lavlesh has been personally trained by spiritual masters who represent Indian and Eastern traditional wisdom.
His work experience of over sixteen years has brought him to a very clear and decisive understanding that personal excellence and self perfection is perhaps the only way to bring order and meaning to Life. He calls this a process of inner growth as working from within to without. He introduces traditionally rooted wisdom process to contemporary life to attain a certain degree of Self-perfection in work and life.

I was named Lavlesh by my parents and that’s what the world learned to call me and I learned to identify myself with it.

Interestingly, ‘Lavlesh’ actually refers to the atom or the smallest fraction that builds this infinite universe.

And here I am, one in a multitude of millions, voicing questions that others like me, like you have asked yourself for years.

Here I am, one speck in a population of trillions, looking for solutions of problems that you have faced for years, trying to find ways out of emotional traps that have bound you for years. Here I am, one of all of you, to make it easier for you to find ways of release from this never ending cycle of pain that we inevitably find ourselves caught in.

Here I am, to share the 8 Powers of Self Mastery that I found and what helped me find ‘ME’…

But what is it that found me?

It was 18 years ago that I first came face to face with something that was to change the very meaning of life for me in the years to come.

It was a casual evening when my grandfather was sorting out his precious collection of books on Ancient Indian Education that he found ‘Rambles in Vedanta’ and enthusiastically called out to me, his eldest grandchild, and handed it over to me. Flipping through the pages of that book, the journey that I embarked on as I walked back to my room, took me to various places far beyond.

I was young, with my head full of questions and I went places to look for answers.

I went to Chinmaya Ashram and explored the philosophy propounded by Swami Chinmayananda, the Indian spiritual leader and teacher who inspired the formation of Chinmaya Mission in 1953 to spread the message of Vedanta. I then visited Ramakrishna Ashram & studied the work of Ramakrishna Paramhansa, a famous mystic of 19th-century India. My thirst to know more and more led me to dig deeper and I found myself engrossed in the writings of Ramana Maharishi, widely acknowledged as one of the outstanding Indian gurus of the 20th century, and finally found home in Integral Yoga by Sri Aurobindo- an Indian nationalist, freedom fighter, philosopher, yogi, Maharishi, Guru and poet.

Guided by very learned teachers on this path, as I kept finding answers, I kept asking more questions and this journey of questioning and gathering knowledge continued beautifully…


and before I knew it, I was struck hard by loss in personal relationships, physical pain and suffering, disease and death. With my father fighting with Cancer for four years, my frequent visits to the hospital exposed me to the harsh truth of human life…there was so much pain in the world!

Outside the hospital, there were healthy bodies but unhappy souls. Inside the hospital, there were both physical illness and spiritual suffering. Could nothing be done about it?
Medical science was advancing everyday to eliminate physical discomfort but what about the heart, the soul?

Was there no technology to cure and strengthen the being within?

While internally I was struggling with these questions, life was preparing to give me real-time answers.
After a brave, long struggle of 4 years my father left his body, leaving behind 3 young kids, a wife who missed him sorely but also a lot of real learning and inspiration for us.

Life went on and me, my mother and rest of my family began to sail out of this together.

But all the knowledge gathered over years was now put to test yet again in the real battlefield of life.

Utterly unexpected, my mother, our pillar of strength, too passed away. And it was this sudden loss which catapulted me into the darkest phase of my life where everything, right from my personal life, to work, to my emotional stability, had completely broken down for me.

Like me, if you too have ever had to bear a loss in life, you’d know what I’m talking about.
That feeling that life has collapsed when all that you believed in collapses, all that you thought was real is proved false.
I was jobless, with a wife and a young daughter to take care of, under financial debt, utterly confused as to what to believe and what not to believe anymore and internally tortured by questions like:

Why do I have to suffer? Is happiness always only fleeting? Is nothing permanent?
And the biggest question…
Why ‘me’? The most bothersome question of them all.
My frantic search for an answer to the question, ‘Why ME’ brought me to a startling realization…
Who was really the ‘ME’ that I was identifying myself with?

I thought I was in pain, I felt I was hurt and suffering, I thought I was failing but I had to hold on a moment and think, is it really true?

This was when I realized, that perhaps it was to become capable of facing this day that I received that book on Vedanta that fateful evening, 18 years ago.
I had spent 18 years studying Vedanta as a concept, researching on Eastern Philosophy and analyzing human behaviour through experience of work and life as well as study and research but it was at this time that I really experienced what it really meant and how lucky I was!

How can I say I was lucky, after facing all this?

If the foundation of a building is not laid correctly, it stands on faulty grounds and can collapse any moment causing irreparable damage. And this is how we collapse again and again in the face of adversity.
Like all of us, I too collapsed the same way, and not once but many times. But I was lucky that I then realized that this breakdown was the best thing to have happened to me!

One of the very first things that you learn to recognize and identify is your ‘Self’ and that forms the basis of everything. And it is right here where the seed of sorrow is inevitably planted.
It is a mistaken understanding of our own selves that leads us to all kinds of mental conflict, emotional turmoil and spiritual suffering.

This is what Vedanta does: it breaks down all false concepts and beliefs through fool-proof, logical argument.

The harsh experiences of life pushed me to much deeper research and study all my misperceptions fell off one by one. The structure of my being that was built on false concepts broke down, giving me the space and opportunity to find, understand and believe the Ultimate Truth about life.

I realized there is always much more to you than just being a victim to your personality and your mental & physical instincts.

It was only when you understand the Ultimate Truth, that you can rise above your circumstances and remain untouched by any kind of misery.
Vedanta Gave me that Ultimate Truth, not just through theory or bookish knowledge gathered over years, but through real practice in my everyday thinking and behaviour.

But what is true and what is false?
This is what Vedanta infallibly answers.

So what really is Vedanta?

Vedanta is That Technology of Consciousness which enables you with a foolproof mechanism to deal with every situation of life. The proof of its truth lies in the experimentation laboratory of life itself!

It is NOT just another heavy, hard to understand set of ideas
It is NOT fluffy philosophy that only sounds good and provides merely temporary relief
It is NOT a theory located in the past in a distant, unreal sphere
It is NOT just another talk about others, issues and concerns outside you,

It is very much a way of life, a practice, an experience, a knowledge that is to be lived.
It is a means of empowerment very much located in the midst of the problems we face in today’s life.

What Vedanta Does For You:

Vedanta is The Technology of Consciousness which tells you who you are in essentiality. It tells you about your reality, it tells you what you are as opposed to what you believe yourself to be. Vedanta helps you achieve success and perfection in whatever you do.

  • ·   Vedanta tells you how to meet the challenges of the world,
  • ·   Vedanta teaches you how to become master of your life circumstances,
  • ·   It gives you the technology to command success and prosperity in the world.

But let me be very honest, Vedanta is not for everyone. It is for:

  • ·   Individuals who are looking for deeper and permanent solutions to the problems of ‘living’
  • ·   Individuals interested in Self-Perfection and Self Mastery
  • ·   Individuals who are interested in knowing about Indian philosophy

It always bothered me to see pain negativity and hardships around me enough to make me want to do something about it. And when I got out of the darkest phase of my life so easily with the help of Vedanta and my teachers, I knew I had found the Ultimate Resolution to every conflict.

But that made me think, if I could find it, why couldn’t everyone else?
That’s when I realized the tough challenges that stood in the way. Ancient Indian Scriptures are indeed one of the deepest and the most transcendental texts but they are also some of the most difficult to understand and practice. It is the sheer authenticity of the philosophies that sometimes made it too intimidating for the common man to even approach them.
Apart from language barriers and conceptual complexity, I also realized that another big problem is the fact that there is no opportunity easily available for people to even get familiarized with the concept without getting intimidated or lost!
Due to the fast pace of contemporary life and other practical boundations, you never have time for yourself and thus finding the right books and deciphering through the perplexing terminology is just not possible for everyone.

I felt that if I could, then why should I not help overcome these challenges to bring people closer to the Ultimate Truth, that state of Ultimate Bliss that the soul eternally yearns for?

And there always is a solution. Together with Transformative Learning Solutions, I formulated…

A course that would not only dissolve the mental blocks that hamper your self growth but also make it easier for you to strengthen your immunity to misery.

The Vedanta Experience is an informative and applicable High Definition Audio-Video Course divided in 3 Modules.

Available only on this page, The Vedanta Experience High Definition Multimedia Program will guide you to use Vedanta: The Technology of Consciousness to:
Permanently free you from stress and confusion
Eliminate chaos from practical life
Equip you with a clear thinking process
Make it easier to take the right decisions in life
Give you the advantage of calmly judging and handling any situation


Module 1: Introduction

  • A description of the critical state of the affairs in all personal as well as social spheres of life and the dire need of Vedanta
  • What Vedanta really is: The history, evolution and interpretation of the Concept
  • How Vedanta individually resolves issues in a clear-cut fashion, leaving no scope for confusion
  • How to understand and use the philosophy of Vedanta in everyday practical life.
  • How to embark on a clearer journey to self-realization and the transcendental state of Absolute Bliss

Part A of The Course

Module 2: Knowledge of the Self

  • A step-by-step deconstruction of Who You Think You Are that will shock you and break all illusions about Your ‘Self’ that you have been nurturing for years.
  • Through a process of logical breakdown of notions about the ‘Self’, you will find out Who you really are, what you’re made up of.
  • This section of the course will familiarize you with the 5 layers of your being that you have been so innocently but utterly unconscious of till now.

Part B of The Course

Module 3: The 8 POWERS of Self Mastery

Once we have understood ourselves in greater detail through the previous modules, in this module, I share with you 8 innate powers that will enable you to become master of yourself and the world around you.

This Program has been designed in such a way that it provides you with an automatic progression of self growth. In this Module, as you understand one power, you begin to understand the others automatically and your transition from one stage of understanding progresses to a higher stage before you even realize it!


This is black and that is white, this is cold and that is hot – this particular faculty of discrimination is easy for us to exercise in our material living. However, when it comes to subtle aspects of life, we tend to lose out. The good, the bad appears as one. Through this power, you will learn the direct, clear-cut way of discerning correctly and thereby taking the right decisions.

You will understand why you get so attached to objects and believe in their being real.

You will learn about the 3 desirable qualities in objects that make the human mind constantly hover around them through an interesting story from Katha-Upanishad, a psycho-spiritual text.

I will also explain the truth about Change: “Prati-kshana anyatha swabhava”


Viveka automatically leads you to Vairagya. But though Vairagya is a popular concept, it is very easily misconstrued. In this section, you will find out the real meaning of Vairagya.

In this section, I will reveal the great Secret of Renunciation:‘Sarva Sanga Parityagam’ which will help you learn how to use this power correctly and remain unaffected by personal and work conflicts and other circumstances that stress you out.

It will also help you get over a constant tendency of neediness that makes you dependent on others. It will help you save yourself from feeling let down, cheated or hurt.

I will narrate an incident from the Great Indian Epic, ‘Ramayana’ which will help you understand the need of Vairagya in life.


Born out of Viveka and Vairagya, the power of Quietude is one of the most needed and thereby most often used power in daily practical life.

In this section I explain the Actual Nature and the Potential Power of your Mind

Through an interesting and humourous story, you will unravel the truth about Meditation and how to correctly understand and practice the concept.

This Power will give you the unfailing formula to do the right thing that is required in a difficult situation


In this power, I will elaborate on the undeniable Significance of Self Control.

More importantly, you will learn how to make it come automatically to you, without forcing yourself.

This power will enable you to truly master your self, for, ‘Svarat Samrat Bhavati’- One who has mastered himself or herself can alone master the world.


The ability to withdraw oneself at the Right Time, from the Right situations is an Advanced stage of Conscious Living. This Power will help you reach that stage.

You will find the answer to the most tricky question: Is Self-Withdrawal a Weakness or a Strength? Here I will help you to learn how to use Self-Withdrawal as a strength.

I explain the true, experiential meaning of Shanti and how it will help you in braving situations that are beyond your comfort zone and enable you to come out as a winner.

I will also take you to a Chinese Farm and show you what we can learn from Mao and the key concept of Wei wu in Taoism

Here I will also throw light on the thin line of difference between Vairagya and Uparati and how they are used in different contexts.


One of the most underrated Powers, the Power of forbearance is not just an essential weapon to fight a crisis but is also a tool to reduce friction in your life.

Here I will talk about the organic capacity for forbearance inherent in you.

I will tell you how to boost your immunity against emotional imbalance through understanding and exercising this Power


Another term too often misunderstood and misused: Faith is the Power of all Powers, the energy behind every thought.

In this section, I will explain the Power of Faith not as a static belief but ‘Faith’ as defined by Vedanta which has a specific, profound meaning.

I will also elucidate, by way of a tale of Lord Shiva and Parvati, the practice of this Power of Faith

When you understand the real meaning of Faith and learn to exalt this power ingrained within your being, you will be able to surge past beautifully through times of trials.


The final stage of self-realization is the state of Samadhana, the Ultimate Solution.

In this stage I will talk about how to reach a state where you are all settled and peaceful within.

This section will direct you to the destination where all conflict dissolves and no duality is left.


On ordering The Vedanta Experience right now, as a Bonus, you will get a Free Audio Podcast on an Introduction to Adi Shankaracharya: The Great Hindu philosopher of the 8th Century CE who consolidated the doctrine of Advaita Vedānta.

This informative audio delves into the journey of the ‘Wandering Sage’ Shankara.

Interestingly, this audio also reveals the less-known but fascinating lore behind the birth of Adi Shankaracharya involving the appearance of Lord Shiva and one of the most difficult choices that one could be faced with..
Find out why he was known as ‘Parivrajak Acharya’ and more through this informative audio.

Why This Course is Absolutely Matchless and there is NO OTHER OPPORTUNITY to Rival It:

  • First and Foremost, you will not find many courses easily available at all on Vedanta due to its fine complexity. Those that you will find are courses that will require you to physically attend classes at an institute. In today’s busy life, full of practical complications, can you think of leaving your work and house, cover a long distance, sit through long lectures and then get back home to manage other affairs? We all know the answer to that!
  • Other courses that are available online, are theoretical courses which might add to your bookish knowledge, but do little to help you apply that knowledge in everyday life. In fact, some courses even have some time consuming and mind baffling questionnaires and tests! But when you take The Vedanta Experience Course, you have to go through NONE OF THAT. You could have all the degrees and all the knowledge in the world and still not be self-realized, still not happy.Vedantic philosophy clearly states that knowledge is not ‘hoarding of information in your mind’ but actually practicing the learning. This is precisely the gap between the ‘book’ and your life which The Vedanta Experience fills as this course does not focus just on collecting information but also on practicing knowledge.
  • Apart from the travel cost and other expenses that you incur when you take such courses, the very fees of these courses are in thousands of Dollars! The cost of researching and spending years of your life in gaining such knowledge, practicing it and creating a helpful program is collectively much greater than that but yet, The Vedanta Experience costs less than a Sweatshirt!
  • Whether at an institute or online, all other courses put you through tedious registration procedures and some of them even have some limiting eligibility criteria. The Vedanta Experience ensures that you have to take none of those pains! This course is EASILY AVAILABLE AND APPLICABLE TO ANY AND EVERY PERSON ON THIS PLANET!
  • And now, the biggest factor that proves that this course has been made just for you, keeping your personal needs and requirements in mind:

What if, for some inexplicable reason, you are convinced it is not meant for you? No other institute will be able to return the time that you lost in all the physical effort you made and refund the fees, but WE WILL. You are Guaranteed 100% Satisfaction. In the most unlikely event that you feel dissatisfied, write to us within 60 Days of purchase and all your money will be returned.
The Vedanta Experience has been created with utmost dedication and honesty, and thus there is no fear, for our purpose is only to add positive value to your life.

Under every circumstance, you stand to benefit from this course and if you choose to do so now, you also get an additional Introductory Discount which will not be available later and a Bonus Audio Podcast!

What Some of the Greatest Names in History Have Said About Vedanta:

Albert Einstein Said:

“When I read the Bhagavad Gita and reflect about how God created this universe everything else seems so superfluous”

George Harrison Said:

“By having money we found that money wasn’t the answer we have lots in material things”
‘You cant believe anything until you have direct perception of it’

Albert Schweitzer Said:

“The Bhagavad-Gita has a profound influence on mankind by its devotion to God which is manifested by its actions.”

Ludwig van Beethoven

Beethoven, influenced by eastern wisdom, used to copy down sentences from eastern literature. He had, ‘I am that which is, I am that which was, that is and that shall be’ permanently framed on his desk, along with translations of the Gita and the Upanishads

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What Some of the Greatest Names in History Have Said About Vedanta:

William Blake

“To see a world in a grain of sand and Heaven in a wild flower Hold infinity in the palm of your hand and Eternity in an hour.”

Henry David Thoreau

“In the morning I bathe my intellect in the stupendous philosophy of the Bhagavad-Gita, in comparison with wich our modern world and it’s literature seems puny and trivial.”

John Adams

“We find that Materialists and Immaterialists existed in India before Berkly or Priestley, or Dupuis, or Plato, or Pythagoras were born. Indeen Neuton himselfs, appears to have discovered nothing that was not known to the Antient Indians.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

“The soul is not born, it does not die; it was not produced from anyone; unborn, eternal, it not slain, though the body is slain.”

I got introduced to Lavlesh 5 years ago. It started as sessions to learn and understand the deeper meaning and importance of Integral Education, however soon a group of us were seeking answers to more questions. Questions and predicaments that we face in all spheres of our lives, be it at work or our personal space. Slowly and surely, not just me but the entire group was now looking forward to the weekly group discussions, mediation and concentration, physical exercise, games! He made us do it all.
Frankly speaking, Lavlesh soon became my sounding board. When I was going through personal emotional and physical issues, he was just a call away. To live in the now, to just be…is always easier said than done. However, I have to admit, with Zazen practice sessions facilitated by Lavlesh, it was much easier. In fact, that is one thing that I still practice.
I still have questions. About life. And when a question crops up…I simply dial Lavlesh….:-)

C. Pallavi Rao Narvekar
Group Head
Radio Mirchi, Entertainment Network India Limited

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The author, Lavlesh is a student of Vedanta, Sri Aurobindo’s Integral yoga and a proponent of Sri Aurobindo’s Integral education. He has been personally trained by spiritual masters who represent Indian and Eastern traditional wisdom. Lavlesh is particularly dedicated to bringing Vedanta and Indian Yogic wisdom in all aspects of life, work and relationships through education, consulting, facilitation and coaching. Apart from Vedanta, Lavlesh also incorporates a lot of Zen and Taoist philosophy into his teaching. He has been working with select groups of people and organizations that are attracted to the Wisdom traditions of the East.

Professionally, with his extensive experience with various industries, Lavlesh is a facilitator on Self-Perfection and Leadership in Psycho-Spiritual and Social spaces which potently demand change and growth including the Corporate World, Educational Institutes and Youth from various universities and colleges.

He is a Post Graduate in Management and a Graduate in Commerce from Delhi University. A certified change management trainer, he has trained people in IT-Change management, Leadership Development, Executive Coaching and Consulting etc.

As an Educationist, Lavlesh has been working with youth from various universities including Delhi University, Jammu University, Kashmir University, Islamic university and with students from many other colleges. He has also been imparting training to teachers from Private and Government schools.
At the renowned Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, Lavlesh lectures students on Thinking and Design under the department of Values in Engineering. The Institute has also opened up its E.E.G. Laboratory of Cognitive Science to Lavlesh to conduct further Cognitive Research.

Lavlesh is also involved in research on the problems that the world faces today and likes to study the future in the area of Education, Future Technologies, Peace and Conflict Studies and other interesting fields that directly or indirectly affect our life.

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    This course has been made by experienced experts. Highly talented directors have ensured the best quality for them. But if you still don’t love our courses, we can give you a prompt and courteous refund within 90 days after starting your program.

  • Guarantee 2:

    It will give you the permanent happiness that you have been searching for. It will tell you how to exercise optimum capacity for efficient and productive actions. It will help you to maintain strong relationships with others

  • Guarantee 3:

    It will tell you the Art of Living in this world: a scientific process to master your emotions, mind and the body. This course will equip you with eight powers to master your life.

What The Vedanta Experience will give you:

  • It will give you the permanent happiness that you have been searching for
  • It will tell you how to exercise optimum capacity for efficient and productive actions
  • It will help you to maintain strong relationships with others
  • And most significantly, it will tell you the art of living in this world: a scientific process to master your emotions, mind and the body.
  • This course will equip you with eight powers to master your life.

Dedicated to studying Eastern Philosophy, I have been spending years of my life studying scriptures and texts like the following:

  • Brihadaranyaka-Upanishad
  • Chandogya-Upanishad
  • Taittiriya-Upanishad
  • Aitareya-Upanishad
  • Kaushitaki-Upanishad
  • Kena-Upanishad
  • Katha-Upanishad
  • Isa-Upanishad
  • Svetasvatara-Upanishad
  • Mundaka-Upanishad
  • Prasna-Upanishad
  • Maitri-Upanishad
  • Mandukya-Upanishad
  • The Rigveda
  • The Yajurveda
  • The Samaveda
  • The Atharvaveda
  • Ramayana
  • Mahabharata
  • Yoga-Vasistha
  • Drg Drsya Viveka
  • Brahma Sutra
  • Bhagawat MahaPurana
  • Bhagawad Gita


Nothing. And that’s precisely what will happen. Nothing about your life will change.

  • You will continue to go to bed with an uneasy feeling in your heart and stress weighing on your head.
  • The memories of unpleasant encounters and the pain of loss from the past will continue to haunt your present and dampen your future.
  • You will continued to be oppressively dominated by other’s and even your own destructive emotional tides.
  • You will continue to be unable to control your impulses and spoil your health as well as relationships with people around you.
  • You will continue to seek happiness outside you, in all sorts of places, spending the remaining bit of your precious life running in circles, looking for solutions, wasting your hard earned money only to gain more disappointment.

But if you do realize the worth of human life and give more importance to yourself, you will welcome The Vedanta Experience in your life Right NOW.

This course does not give you directions from a distance, it holds your hand and takes the difficult walk with you through your tough times. When the best of lovers, family and friends are not with you anymore, and when you find even your ’self’ sinking away from you, this course will build for you the ship that will take you through.

This is that knowledge which will truly, faithfully be with you even when you when all hope has left you. It is that flame which once lit within you, will never die, continuing to bring you light and warmth in the darkest of phases of life.

After taking the journey of Vedanta, you will never have to depend on any other person or entity for your happiness, nor would any other person or entity be able to make you unhappy. This is the kind of power that this course can enable you with.

Get The Vedanta Experience High Definition Multimedia Program Now and begin your journey of Self Mastery and Inner Growth instantly!

As a peace practitioner working in the troubled region of Kashmir, I was searching for a way to help people transcend their politicized and polarized identities to discover their real self. Lavlesh Bhanot’s approach and work on the self, enabling the young people to arrive at a state of consciousness where they begin to question their thought process, notions, core beliefs and dogmas is significant. It is remarkable in the way he is able to dismantle constructed idea of the self, to help the young people to discover their own brilliance and excellence. The possibility of bringing a paradigm shift in the mind set and the ability to think out of the box is what makes Lavlesh’s work unique. His work is relevant and crucial in not only in broken and violent societies but has the greatest potential to be applied universally. In a world which is witnessing chaos, conflict and disharmony at various levels, Lavlesh’s work is transformative bringing a nascent shift in the way one perceives and relates to the world, relationships and one’s own self

Ashima Kaul
Independent Peace Practitioner & Journalist
Managing Director
Yakjah Reconciliation and Development Network

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The last 4-5 years of my interaction with Lavlesh actually has really changed my own view of the world around me and has also changed my entire thinking process and the way I work with my team and my clients. I still recollect one of our “One on One” discussions in Bangalore at my residence, which started with a basic question on “Who am I”, “Purpose of Life” and a lot of other related questions. This opened another window/door in my life. It forced me to think beyond. Post this discussion I spent a lot of time with Lavlesh in understanding the “Vedanta” concept. I sincerely thank Lavlesh for triggering this thought process in me.

Lavlesh is living a “Vedantic” life in a great sense. Whatever he does connects back to the Vedanta philosophy. Be it connecting/looking at the nature, working with people, understanding relationships, understanding the training needs etc. I believe this has got a lot to do with the kind of schooling and thoughts (from his family) that he has inculcated over the years. I have had the privilege to see some of his work related to education and consciousness learning. Basis this I had requested him to come to our Organization and spend some time with our employees in Gurgaon and Jaipur Centre at various levels (from associates to Senior Managers). He was able to connect with the people at a very different level and has left a great impression. The leaders that he connected have given a great feedback on his thoughts and the way of connecting with people.

I firmly believe that we truly need to reach out to all people in our society and provide the simple view on “Vedanta” and the positive change it will bring in our outlook and system.

Kapil Sharma
Delivery Head – Business Platform Operations

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