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What if the only thing
standing between you and

Shiva’s limitless wisdom

…is 6 simple steps?

Experience ‘Shiva’s Path to Purnatva’:

a practical guide to overcoming your challenges and achieving a higher state of consciousness

Could Shiva open your eyes to your highest destiny?

Back when I was just 10 years old, on a day trip with my family, fate answered me this exact question.

On that afternoon, my parents had taken me to a gorgeous picnic spot known for its jaw-dropping beauty and rock formations.

But while the adults were busy chit-chatting and the kids chased each other, my feet decided to lead me to a cave in the distance…

And in this cave, I ‘met’ Shiva for the first time!

The cave’s walls were soaked in candlelight. A religious ritual was taking place around an emblem of Shiva.

I was instantly spellbound by the fragrance of the incense… and the intense concentration and rhythmic chants of the worshippers and their priests.

But what amazed me most, was how this incident made me feel on the inside… as a rush of inexplicable peace, clarity and wholeness washed over every inch of my being.

I may not have known it at the time – but this incident was the spark of my life-long relationship with Shiva

As I grew older, I continued gravitating towards Shiva’s wisdom every time I needed to overcome a challenge or accomplish a goal.

I even reveled in sharing his stories and wisdom with anyone who would listen.

Over the years, my curiosity for this enigmatic God escalated – to the point where I became one of the world’s most established authorities on him!

And that is the reason you are on this page today – because I want to show you not just how Shiva has taken me on the greatest adventure of my life…

But also how his most powerful – and often misunderstood – wisdom can help you rise above your obstacles…

And elevate you to the highest possible state of awareness a human being can hope to achieve.

Some people spend a lifetime seeking this sense of awareness – but
YOU already know what it is and where to find it…


This is Sanskrit for ‘wholeness of self”. Complete personal empowerment. Oneness with all that is.

Purnatva is the ultimate state of being embodied by Hindu mythology’s most powerful and enigmatic god: Shiva. The god of deep meditation. The god of balance. The god of destruction and re-creation.

And no matter what you’re seeking – whether it’s a spiritual awakening, a purpose-driven life, material success, deeper relationships or a way to overcome a personal loss or challenge…

Purnatva is where your path, and the paths of millions of other Shiva wisdom seekers converge.

And once you discover how simple, practical and enjoyable it can be to achieve it… you will realize it has been your destiny all along.

But first, which of these 3 obstacles is holding you
back from Purnatva right NOW?

  • Do you, like millions of others, mistakenly believe true stillness of mind is an elusive gift, reserved only for the most enlightened yogis perched on the highest mountains? And that you are destined to ride an emotional roller coaster of ups and downs for the rest of your life?

  • Do you still battle with a state of emotional and spiritual vulnerability , in which a setback at work, an argument with your spouse or best friend, a personal loss or a health warning from your doctor, are enough to send your entire life into a downward spiral?

  • Or have you already taken some time from your busy schedule to learn Shiva’s wisdom – only to find that the available cryptic literature and diluted childhood stories are holding you back from deeply understanding this enigmatic god, and absorbing his teachings into your life?

What you must now realize is that no matter who you are or what challenges you face…

You are actually closer – MUCH closer to spiritual
wholeness than you think!

Allow me to share with you an amazing revelation: a truth I have discovered after committing over 30 years of my life to studying Shiva, and how all the stories, inscriptions and books about him relate to our modern reality.

It is a truth I have used not only to gain an intimate understanding of Shiva, but to elevate every facet of my life – and the lives of thousands of my students – in profound ways. And that can easily and swiftly do the same for you too.

That truth is this: hidden in plain sight within the entirety of Shiva’s wisdom are 6 simple steps, 6 timeless characteristics embodied by this extraordinary god himself, that anyone – whether they’re deeply spiritual or passionately curious – can adopt to shift into a state of Purnatva.

These steps may have never been revealed to you in such a way by any other guru, yogi or author – which is why before we go any further, I ask that you keep an open mind… and allow me to first introduce myself to you.

My name is Dr. Nilima Chitgopekar, and I am an established scholar of Hindu mythology

As a professor, I have spent over three decades studying Shiva, travelling to countless Universities across the world, from oxford to Delhi, and presenting lectures on Hindu mythology to packed halls of transfixed students and academicians.

As an author, I have written five critically acclaimed books on Shiva and Hindu gods, and have been featured on a variety of media channels, including the BBC, The Tribune, The Times of India and India Today.

As an individual, I have turned to Shiva time and time again for guidance – from my first encounter with him as a curious ittle girl, right up to my life-changing decision to study him for my Ph.D, and commit my life to his wisdom.

And as an online teacher, I have recently partnered with Transformative Learning Solutions, one of India’s leading online publishing companies, to spread my knowledge of Shiva to the over 2 million people who Google his teachings every single month.

Since I launched this website back in 2010, I have been blessed with the chance to cultivate one of the most vibrant online community of Shiva wisdom seekers on the internet – with over 65,536 members across the world subscribed to my online lessons.

And today, I am reaching out to you with my message: that you too can achieve his 6 steps to Purnatva, and transform your life forever.

“Amazingly beautiful”

That (teaching you sent me) was amazingly beautiful. I felt the sun dance in my center and radiate outward and outside, the clouds parted and the sun came out. I have this calm serene, and yet powerful feeling of energy extending to all parts of my body. That was a great surprise for me today. Thank you. Many Healing Blessings of Love and Strength,

Stephen Fountain, Portland, United States

Look at this chart, and

Shiva’s 6 steps to Purnatva will become clear to you:

Step 1: Ekagrata:

You are in a state of impenetrable focus, all outside distractions are drowned out.

Shiva embodies Ekagrata when he achieves flawless tranquility during his legendary meditations as the Maha Yogi.

Step 2: Vairagya:

You are completely detached from all worldly concerns.

Shiva embodies Vairagya when he draws on all his inner power to overcome the monumental grief from losing his beloved wife Sati.

Step 3: Svabhava:

You deeply love, understand and respect your true nature.

Shiva embodies Svabhava when he proudly embraces his unusual appearance and mannerisms, without conforming to the expectations of others.

Step 4: Samyam:

You have achieved perfect balance in all the different aspects of your life.

Shiva embodies Samyam when he calmly balances his wildly contradicting roles, for instance his role and the creator and the destroyer.

Step 5: Samrasya:

You are able to live in a state of harmony with everyone around you, especially those closest to you .

Shiva embodies Samrasya in his unconditional love for his wife, and his exemplary relationships with other gods.

Step 6: Purnatva:

You have achieved a state of divine wholeness and personal empowerment.

Shiva’s very nature, his contentedness, his autonomy, his personal power, embody Purnatva.

When you trace Shiva’s steps, your journey towards a higher state of being doesn’t just become possible – it becomes inevitable

Let me explain it this way:

if you buy a Do-It-Yourself furniture set, all you need to do is carefully follow the instruction manual to assemble your perfect appliance.

And if you’re driving to an unknown location, following the directions on a map will help you reach your destination.

Achieving Purnatva can be as natural and as straightforward as that. Just use this ‘treasure map’ to trace Shiva’s steps in your daily routine… use the practical personal growth principles within to help you make sense of it all…and you’ll notice remarkable positive changes begin to manifest in your thoughts, actions and outcomes, as his wisdom radiates into every aspect of your life.

What if you’re already experiencing flashes of divinity in your life?

Have you ever felt so deeply immersed in a task at work or at home, to the point where all outside distractions are drowned out?

That was you experiencing a flash of Ekagrata, the first step to Purnatva…

Have you ever been able to step back from a heated debate or problem, and analyze it from a rational, neutral perspective?

That was you embodying a state of Vairagya, the second step to Purnatva…

And have you ever looked into your partner’s eyes, and felt a blissful sense of connection with all that he or she is?

That was you in a moment of Samrasya, the fifth step to Purnatva…

So if you’re already taking the steps towards Purnatva without even trying…

imagine what will happen when you make a conscious effort!.

Subscribers who have experienced the change

“A good service to humanity”

I myself am a Gaudiya Vaisnava with a background in the metaphysical teachings of Dwaj Khul/Alice Bailey. You are doing a good service to humanity with the Shivite teachings you are offering students. I am glad to have met you in this way online and wish you very well in the work you have been chosen for. You seem very well qualified to carry it out, and I thank you for sharing what you have so far with me.

Timothy Edison, United States

The steps to Purnatva are not just pie-in-the-sky ideals: they’re practical ways
of life that create tangible change in everything that matters to you…

*Aiming for a promotion at your job, more income for your business,
or higher grades at school?

When you channel Ekagrata into your work, your mind will enter a state of deep focus, your productivity and performance will skyrocket, and you’ll gain an uncanny ability to leap over the obstacles in your way.

FACT: In 2003, one of many studies conducted on multi-taskers and one-minded focusers found that the former group was less able to learn new information.

* Looking to overcome a specific problem in your life, or just be less
emotionally vulnerable?

Being in a state of Vairagya will help you detach from distracting thoughts and overwhelming feelings, so you can bask in the wisdom and serenity of your higher self, and channel those qualities into your everyday reality.

FACT: People who meditate enter a state of Vairagya by lowering their brainwaves to the Alpha level, which is scientifically proven to reduce stress and enhance creativity and intuition.

* Want to boost your self-confidence so you can put your best foot forward
in everything you do?

Channeling Svabhava will help you uncover and love the real you, so you can overcome subconscious guilt and feelings of inadequacy, and step out your door every day in a state of unbreakable confidence and abundance.

FACT: Numerous empirical studies show that self-confident people enjoy a vast range of benefits, including better job satisfaction, better athletic performance and better relationships.

* Wish you could achieve a better work-life balance, and spend more
time doing what you love?

Being in a state of Samyam empowers you to evaluate your priorities, keep a level head and funnel your energy into tasks that matter to you: whether it’s working on more fun projects or spending more time fishing at your favorite lake.

FACT: A survey on 50,000 workers by the Corporate Executive Board found that work-life balance now ranks as one of the highest priorities of career people across the world – and those who have it work 21% more efficiently than those who don’t.

* Want to have better conversations and relationships with your spouse,
kids, friends and co-workers?

Achieving Samrasya helps you empathize with others, ask the right questions, and know what they’re thinking – sometimes just by looking at them.

FACT: A recent study by UCLA on 172 married couples over 11 years found that the ones who remained married were the ones who took the effort to deeply understand each other, and make personal sacrifices based on that understanding.

Give up your posessions? Commit your life to meditation? Says who?

Yes, one of Shiva’s manifestations may be that of the Maha Yogi, the great renouncer of all things physical – but he also knows exactly when to come back down to earth, and immerse himself in the emotions, desires and sensations of the world.

You too were born with this perfect balance of spirituality and worldliness – yet when you look at the hectic reality of your daily life… a life where you spend 50 hours a week or more working… juggling hundreds of tasks… and hoping your physical and emotional health can cope with the onslaught…

Perhaps this lifestyle has left you struggling both on the inside and out. Perhaps your personal challenges and weaknesses too often get the best of you, like when you lose your temper or give in to an irrational fear. And perhaps you regularly feel disconnected from the higher state of consciousness you already possess.

The question is, how do you triumph over this situation? How do you find the time and guidance to immerse yourself in Shiva’s wisdom… understand the deepest layers of his character… and start breathing his most enlightened qualities into your life… without quitting your job, giving up your possessions, moving to an ashram and committing the rest of your life to contemplative study?

You need a practical path to achieving Purnatva – a modern-day solution to funnelling Shiva’s timeless ancient wisdom into your demanding life…

Because let’s face it: if you’re like most people, you don’t have the time or the clarity to study countless texts and manuscripts, let alone learn how to apply them in your life.

Which is why in my decades of sharing Shiva’s wisdom with busy people just like you from all across the world… I have listened to their needs and perfected a specific process:

A practical path of wisdom that extracts the essence of every story, every ancient text, every artifact and every book dedicated to Shiva… and turns it into your very own personal roadmap towards Purnatva.

On this website, for the first time ever, I have taken that process out of the private chambers of my lecture halls, and out of the pages of my books, and compiled it into a first-of-its-kind multimedia home training program

Shiva’s Path to Purnatva

Your treasure map to a blissful life and a divine state of consciousness

Available exclusively on this site, Shiva’s Path to Purnatva is a multimedia home training program featuring step-by-step video lessons, and an immersive coffee table book for embodying each of Shiva’s 6 divine qualities in your life.

It is the exact same wisdom I have spent decades unearthing, studying and teaching to thousands through my worldwide classes and books – except I have now synergized it into a set of intimate, expertly produced videos and lessons that you can use from the comfort of your living room – and absorb Shiva’s greatest teachings in an enjoyable, convenient and truly transformational manner.

Shiva’s Path to Purnatva is divided into the following video training sessions:

Introduction: Getting closer to Shiva

video presentation

Your journey begins with this introductory session. Here we’ll explore some of the most enduring questions and myths surrounding Shiva, and why understanding his true nature is the first step to channeling his wisdom into your life.

Highlights include:

  • Why does Shiva stand out among 330 million other Hindu Gods? Discover the little-known truth behind his timeless prominence.
  • What really caused Shiva’s transformation from a destructive God in his early days… to the multi-faceted deity he is today? (This answer alone may permanently shift your perspective of him)
  • Why are even experts divided on the true origin of Shiva? Uncover the controversy of the Indus Valley excavation, and decide for yourself.
  • Is Shiva the founder of India as we know it? Discover how virtually every famous part of Indian tradition, from yoga to meditation to dance, traces its roots and character back to Shiva.
  • What lies beneath his unmistakable matted locks? The surprising secret you can learn by observing Shiva’s hair.

Step 1: Ekagrata: gaining unbreakable focus for achieving your highest goals

video presentation

One of Shiva’s primary manifestations is that of the Maha Yogi: he who gives up his worldly concerns, and immerses himself in deep meditation. Discover how this state of focus, known as Ekagrata, can help you triumph over the distractions and mind chatter holding you back from reaching your goals.

Highlights include:

  • How to instantly remove yourself from your daily reality, and move inwards towards your higher self – even when you’re overwhelmed by crippling stress and expectations.
  • Everyone’s looking for answers, but how many are searching for the right questions? A surprising insight into the highest level of personal empowerment.
  • Can Ekagrata help you tap into hidden powers and accomplish the impossible? How Shiva used his supreme focus to swallow poison, and save his followers from harm.
  • The magnificent power of focus: how I used sheer focus to elevate myself from a below-average student to a leading professor – and how you can do the same.
  • The very first thing you must start doing to achieve Ekagrata (hint: it starts with an ‘M’)

Step 2: Vairagya: breaking free from your emotions, and getting more out of life

video presentation

Whether it’s the loss of a loved one or financial worries, life is full of unexpected situations that can leave you feeling sad, lost or angry. Vairagya is a state of conscious detachment often practiced by Shiva that allows you to step away from your emotions so you can solve problems, experience unconditional stillness and make intelligent decisions from a neutral position.

Highlights include:

  • Three surprisingly simple things you can do to swiftly experience a state of Vairagya, regardless of your current circumstances.
  • The biggest mistake that causes 9 in 10 people to never realize their spiritual and physical potential (Shiva knew what it was, and avoided it at all costs).
  • The day Brahma stopped a grief-stricken Shiva from devastating the world: how to use Vairagya to overcome any loss or tragedy.
  • Is detachment really a bad thing? How to spot the crucial difference between the positive state of Vairagya and the negative state of becoming completely emotionless.
  • Do you subconsciously blame your parents for your shortcomings? How to escape this common trap and take charge of your own destiny.

Step 3: Swabhava: staying true to your inherent nature, and unconditionally loving yourself

video presentation

From his tiger skin outfit to his peculiar habits to his paradoxical nature, Shiva is a truly unique God. Yet unlike many misfits, he is proud and fully aware of who he is, and is worshipped by millions as a result. How would your life change if you too could overcome self-doubt and self sabotage, and wholly accept your unique characteristics?

Highlights include:

  • Shiva’s strangest habit? What you can learn from the one thing Shiva does that leaves many wondering, “why would a god do this?”
  • The two crucial questions you must ask yourself before you can start connecting with your true self.
  • Are you able to unconditionally respect yourself? Why Shiva, despite being one of the greatest Gods, surrounds himself with disabled and physically unattractive attendants.
  • Do you have the one defining trait that unites all Shiva wisdom seekers? If you don’t, there’s just one simple thing you need to do.
  • How to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you are honoring your true self at any given time, so you can avoid wasting time and energy on the wrong things.

Step 4: Samyam: achieving a sublime balance between everything that matters to you

video presentation

Shiva is both a destroyer and creator. A renouncer and a householder. He even has a half female form. So how, despite his contradictions, does he maintain an immaculate sense of balance? And how can you use this wisdom to enrich every facet of your life, and never again struggle with unnecessary sacrifice and compromise?

Highlights include:

  • The perfection trap: why trying to be perfect could be the biggest mistake you ever make.
  • Have you ever struggled with anger or irritability? Learn how Shiva uses Samyam to effortlessly control his legendary temper.
  • Are long working hours or household responsibilities holding you back from ideal balance? How c_ _ _ _ _ y can help you triumph.
  • The story of Shiva’s two jealous wives – what you can learn from his ingenious solution for keeping both of them happy.
  • Why you needn’t fall victim to the great either/or myth: invaluable advice to if you’ve ever been forced to sacrifice something for something else.

Step 5: Samrasya: enriching your relationships with harmony, love and joy

video presentation

If you’re like most people, your relationships are the most cherished aspect of your life – and Shiva is no exception. Through a number of key stories recounting his devotion to his wives, you’ll discover how to avoid arguments and misunderstandings, and infuse your relationships with more openness, passion and joy.

Highlights include:

  • What is the first thing that comes to mind when you visualize your spouse or partner? A simple way to evaluate your relationships.
  • How far would you go for your partner? Why Parvati renounced all her material belongings to be with Shiva.
  • How to infuse your relationships with unconditional and respectful equality, just like Shiva and Parvati.
  • The enlightened way to handle disagreements – Shiva’s ingenious solution, despite his legendary temper, for dealing with his disobedient wife.
  • The danger of following social norms: how to avoid what is perhaps the biggest mistake you could ever make in your relationships.

Step 6: Purnatva: opening up to your divine state of wholeness

video presentation

Every step you’ve taken in the program leads to this destination: Purnatva, the peak state of humanity embodied by Shiva himself. A state where external validation is no longer required, as you generate a perpetual stream of energy, joy and inspiration from within. It is here that you begin radiating with an unmistakable glow of empowerment – and your living experience changes forever.

Highlights include:

  • If Purnatva is a natural state, why do most people never achieve it? A crucial explanation.
  • Feeling stuck in your career, or saddened by a loss? How to avoid the hidden danger of living your life in a fragmented state.
  • The single most powerful mantra for opening yourself to Purnatva (along with its translation).
  • 3 things you must do before you can achieve Purnatva. Forgetting the past is number one, discover the remaining two.
  • The ultimate definition of bliss. How understanding this one universal truth may shift your entire perspective on life.

The program also comes with two FREE special features:

Special feature #1:

A premium coffee table book* packed with gorgeous Shiva artwork and summaries of every lesson in the program (worth $67)

Most video training programs come with a generic, poorly made PDF manuscript. But as a way to immerse you even deeper into Shiva’s wisdom, I’ve decided to include a stunning coffee table book that you’ll love flipping through and sharing with your friends and family.

Packed with eye-catching artwork and handy summaries of every lesson within the videos, it gives you an alternate method for learning or refreshing yourself on your key learnings – whether it’s with a cup of coffee in the morning, or by your bedside lamp before you drift into sleep.

*Please note you will only receive a physical copy of this book when you order the physical version of the program. The digital-only version comes with professional PDF scans of the book for you to view on your computer.

Special feature #2:

Shiva as the Destroyer ( video presentation worth $37)

One of the stepping stones to achieving Purnatva is to first destroy the thoughts, habits and beliefs that silently hold you back. In this revelationary bonus video, you will learn how Shiva’s reputation as the destroyer (and subsequent re-creator) can help you triumph in the reinvention of yourself.

Highlights include:

  • The great misunderstanding within the concept of the Hindu Trinity: why most of us wrongfully fear the role of the destroyer, and sabotage our lives in the process.
  • Shiva’s most powerful mantra for overcoming the fear of death and rebirth: an ideal way to shift your perspective on this inevitable part of life.
  • The way of the ascetic: an astonishingly effective method for destroying your ego and connecting with your higher self.
  • Satyam Shivam Sundaram: how these three potent words can lead you towards beauty in every aspect of your life.
  • The secret of the Ganga river: Shiva’s surprising connection to India’s most iconic river · and how knowing it could transform you.

What makes Shiva’s Path to Purnatva different from any other personal growth material out there?

Let’s face it: immersing yourself in a program that’s meant to change your life is no easy feat.

You’re typically expected to make drastic lifestyle changes.

You’re told to experiment with strict mind and body exercises.

You’re forced to watch or listen to endless hours of tutorials and lessons.

But since you have read this far, it’s only fair that I tell you Shiva’s Path to Purnatva
is nothing like any other programs, books or courses you may have used in the past.


Because I believe you should enjoy
every moment of your spiritual awakening!

The last thing I want to do is burden you, stress you out or steal hours of your time with yet another unwanted task on your to-do list.

Instead, my purpose with this program is to set you on a fun and energizing journey that you’ll actually look forward to every day. Every video in this program is concise and easy to follow – because I believe simplicity and practicality are the best qualities for a powerful learning experience.

The captivating lessons, stories and wisdom I deliver to you, perfected over decades of practice, will become one of the highlights of your day.

Perhaps you will resonate with a particular sentence that puts your entire life into perspective. Maybe a story you hear will spark an idea to take your meditation practice, or a relationship, or your career, to a whole new level.

I promise you this on behalf of the thousands of people, including myself, who have already taken this journey with Shiva: you will never have had this much fun and fulfillment in your life as you unlock the limitless purpose, creativity, love and joy that has always laid dormant within you.

Experience the 6-part ‘learning technology’ designed to help you absorb Shiva’s wisdom like a thirsty sponge…

After decades of facilitating transformation in people from all walks of life, I’ve found that one training method stands head and shoulders above the rest: storytelling.

Storytelling puts a mirror to your face, and shows you who you really are. It carries lessons and wisdom from generation to generation. It shapes cultures, norms and morals, and leaves a lasting imprint on your psyche like no other medium can.

For instance: am I right in saying you probably remember stories of historical icons, like Isaac Newton under the apple tree, much more vividly than the headlines of this morning’s newspaper?

Shiva’s Path to Purnatva leverages on the immense power of stories. And it combines them with powerful personal growth and learning tools to give you a unique 6-point learning experience:

  • Knowledge: What happened in the story?
  • Comprehension: Why did it happen that way?
  • Evaluation: What is the historical context of the story and how can you apply its insights?
  • Analysis: How can these insights solve different situations and problems?
  • Application: How have others applied these teachings to improve their lives?
  • Integration: Which personal development tools can help you integrate Shiva’s teachings into your daily life?

Another important point you must know about this program is that it’s a multimedia learning experience.

You see studies have shown that learning something through multiple methods of consumption helps you better absorb and retain information.

And that’s why I’ve included a rich combination of stories, practical lessons and the coffee table book – all so you can focus on the delivery methods you like best, and absorb Shiva’s wisdom from multiple angles.

ATTENTION: Once you start using this program, don’t be surprised when your state of consciousness begins shifting in a few unusual ways…

1. You may at last stop stressing about the problems and challenges that keep you tossing and turning at night

Have you ever thought to yourself that your life would be nearly perfect, if only you could solve that one stubborn challenge with your health, relationships, career or even spiritual health?

When we discuss Vairagya in Step 2 of the program, you’ll learn how to channel Shiva’s ability to detach from worldly concerns – which will elevate you above these self-defeating thoughts, and finally give you the clarity and focus to solve the problems causing them.

2. You will gain a profoundly deep sense of connection to your loved ones, your co-workers, even strangers

Conscious detachment is good, but a sense of disconnectedness or isolation from the rest of the world isn’t! Unfortunately, even the best of us sometimes fall prey to this unwanted sensation.

At various points in the program, like in Step 3 and Step 5, you’ll learn Shiva’s wisdom for connecting deeply not just with your loved ones, but even with yourself – so that you may live in a more authentic state… and in return receive more authenticity from your spouse, children and friends, and even people you meet for the first time.

3. You will finally feel that every element of your life is perfectly balanced and getting the attention it deserves

Everyone seeks balance, yet this ideal state eludes most of us. Perhaps you feel that you work too hard. Or that you don’t work hard enough. Or that you don’t have enough time for yourself, your friends or your family.

Step 4 of the program is designed to empower you with the balance you crave, and eliminate feelings of guilt or inadequacy in your life. And it’s all through Shiva’s state of being called Samyam, and how he used it to balance the emotions of his two furious wives.

This is what happens when you spend over two decades committed to Shiva’s teachings!

Back in Delhi University, I shocked my lecturers by doing something no one else had ever requested: to have Shiva as the topic of my Ph.D.

This was the start of my personal mission to master this knowledge, and spread it to as many people as possible.

So I wrote books on the subject. I presented my findings in magazines and TV shows. I lectured – and continue to lecture – at Delhi University, while speaking at other universities worldwide like Oxford and Western Michigan.

An then, in 2009, I was approached by an online publishing company called Transformative Learning Solutions. They expressed appreciation for my work, and invited me to expand my reach across the internet.

Shiva’s Path to Purnatva is the result of that collaboration – and by reading this page, you’re now part of my mission too!

I’ve done the hard work, so you don’t have to

There is a famous saying in India that best describes my journey to bring you this knowledge: to pluck the beautiful Lotus flower, you must first wade through mud.

You see, what you’re really getting with this program is the full spectrum of every existing story, myth and lesson on Shiva – synthesized into simple, practical steps. The kind anyone can take to elevate their lives.

And to do this, I have spent thousands of hours studying thick texts, examining inscriptions and interviewing ritualists across India. I invested 3 years of my life to gain a Ph.D on Shiva and become one of the world’s leading authorities on the subject. I went through trying times juggling my studies and bringing up my only son… but my thirst for knowledge just kept getting stronger.

To give you an idea of the scope I’ve covered, here’s just a small fraction of the materials I’ve studied over the years:

  • The Rigveda
  • The Atharva Veda
  • The Shiva Purana
  • The Linga Purana
  • The Skanda Purana
  • The Agni Purana
  • The Brahmanda Purana
  • The Kurma Purana
  • The Padma Purana
  • The Shvetashavatara Upanishad
  • The Brihadaranyaka Upanishad
  • The Chhandogya Upanishad
  • The Isha Upanishad
  • Kena Upanishad
  • Katha Upanishad,
  • Mundaka Upanishad
  • Mandukya Upanishad
  • Karika Upanishad
  • Taititiriya Upanishad
  • The Shivanandalahiri of Shri Shankaracharya
  • The Saundaryalahiri of SasShankaracharya

Dear Nilima : )

I look forward in anticipation each day for your communications and lessons. I really would like to see a lot more of your interpretations. You have a gift for this, I think, in that you present the material with so much depth and enthusiasm that one cannot help but feel part of it and drawn closer to you.

When you talk of your personal life I feel as if I’m sitting there in the room with you. I’d like to see more of your work in the future. Keep doing this, I mean it.

Really, it has touched me . . .

Lindsey, Saint Louis,United States

Now I invite you to discover the true value of this wisdom

Something priceless happens to you when your misconceptions start melting away… and you begin understanding the truths within Shiva’s wisdom for the first time.

It is a strange yet wonderful paradox. A sense of perfect detachment – yet also of clarity in every crucial area of your life.

As Shiva’s wisdom begins to crystallize in their lives, my students have found themselves performing with more creativity and inspiration at work. They connect better with their spouses, children, family and friends. Their relationships with their bodies improve, and they enjoy better inner and outer health. And they gain the strength to either solve or get over the losses, problems or challenges that once plagued them.

All this happens as they savor every second of their lives with an untouchable sense of inner peace. The kind only Shiva can offer.

Perhaps you’ll agree with me that this inner/outer balance is the ultimate state of being a person can experience

And yet so few ever attain it. Those with the time and resources may give up their normal lives… and spend thousands of dollars and years of study in remote Indian ashrams for yoga or Vedic education courses.

Some – like me – will take the formal education path, and will spend up to $30,000 on courses related to India or Hinduism.

And those with less time and money may spend a few hundred dollars on simple, westernized online courses from certain higher learning institutions.

At this point you may be wondering why, amidst all these existing solutions, would I still create Shiva’s Path to Purnatva?

Forgive me for being blunt: but the reason is, I believe none of these existing paths are 100% ideal for you!

  • I want you to gain Shiva’s wisdom in as little time as possible – so you don’t have to spend years of your life immersed in academia like I did…
  • I want you to gain Shiva’s wisdom with as little hassle as possible – so you don’t need to adjust your busy schedule or even leave your home…
  • I want you to gain the most authentic version possible interpretation of Shiva’s wisdom – so you’re not misled by diluted or inaccurate teachings…
  • And I want you to gain Shiva’s wisdom with as little expense as possible – so you don’t need to strain your bank account with exorbitant tuition or travel fees…
  • I have committed years of my life to making Shiva’s Path to Purnatva the most enjoyable, easy-to-follow and transformational guide to Shiva’s wisdom you’ll ever find anywhere. And for a price as low as $67, I believe it’s also the most affordable.

How is this paid program different from the free email course you just signed up for?

The free email course on its way to your inbox is an introduction to the path Shiva has laid out to help you achieve Purnatva. You will get much value out of it, and I am confident it will make a difference to your inner and outer reality.

This paid program, however, is for you if you want an easy and enjoyable way to discover every aspect of Shiva’s wisdom… learn every important story and facet of his personality… and use this knowledge to gain holistic, profound and lasting transformation in every area of your life.

Think of it like the difference between reading an article, and reading a book.

How deeply you choose to pursue Shiva’s wisdom is entirely up to you. And I support any choice you make. But I do encourage you to at least try this paid program, especially considering the unconditional money back guarantee that works as follows…

Shiva’s Path to Purnatva: Our Unconditional guarantee

When you walk Shiva’s path with me, I’ll make you these 3 irresistible promises…

When I share my knowledge on Shiva with my students, I pour my heart and soul into the process. I consider this part of my responsibility as a human being, and my integrity as a respected professor and author.

That’s why when you use this program, I am fully committed to giving you not just minor results – but profound transformation in every aspect of your life.

And so when you order Shiva’s Path to Purnatva, I will make you these 3 promises:
  • The truths you discover about Shiva in this program will bring you closer not just to him, but to your highest potential as a human being.
  • Within weeks, perhaps even days of using this program, you will notice yourself shifting towards a higher state of being: Purnatva.
  • You will enjoy every step of the process – in fact the videos may just become the highlight of your day!

I stick by my promises. If for any reason Shiva’s Path to Purnatva does not live up to any of them, or even if you simply decide it’s not for you, just email me at within 60 days after your date of purchase for a prompt, courteous refund.

How to get started with Shiva’s 6 Path to Purnatva

First, just click on your preferred version of the program in the order menu at the
bottom of this page.

With the physical version, I ship the program DVDs in a beautiful package to your doorstep. Shipping is FREE no matter where you are in the world – you don’t pay an extra cent.

If you choose the digital version, I will email you with instant access details to a private online membership area where you can conveniently download or watch each video online, get online support, and even interact with others in the community. You can do this anywhere you have an internet connection – at home, at work, or even at a coffee shop as you wait for friends.

With the physical + digital version, you get the best of both worlds – and can start using the digital version immediately while waiting for your physical version to arrive.

The program itself is divided into 7 main video training sessions (and 1 bonus session) as mentioned in the product description above.

Each session lasts approximately 30 minutes. When using the program for the first time, I recommend watching each session in order. Just find some quiet relaxation time, perhaps in the morning or before bedtime, and enjoy.

You can even load them onto your iPad or mobile device, and enjoy them in bed, on the sofa with a hot drink, or even during your daily commute.

After watching all the videos, use the program the way you want to – it’s flexible like that!

The beauty of Shiva’s Path to Purnatva is that it’s a program you’ll keep referring to at different points in your life, whenever you’re facing a new challenge or scenario.

And once you’ve used it for the first time, you can jump to any of the video training sessions that resonate best with what you’re trying to accomplish.

Each session is clearly marked in a separate disc or section – so you can conveniently jump right in with no rewinding or fast forwarding.

Shiva’s greatest sacrifice and how it holds the key to your elevation

One of my favorite stories about Shiva that you’ll find in part 1 of the program is when he puts himself at risk by swallowing Halahala: a lethal poison that emerged from the ocean to destroy all of creation.

Through his divine inner power, his Purnatva, Shiva beat the poison and emerged unscathed – saving mankind in the process.

Perhaps you will never encounter such a dramatic moment in your life – but imagine what obstacles you could overcome if you had even a fraction of Shiva’s Purnatva.

This is the gift I want for you. I want to help you end the struggles in your spiritual journey. Turn your problems into triumphs. Breathe life into your passions. And turn your goals into reality.

It would be my honor to bring you closer towards Shiva’s life-changing wisdom.

This could be the most important choice you ever make in your personal spiritual journey…

Now that you’ve come this far, I’m certain you realize the sheer importance of Shiva’s teachings in your life.

But how you choose to seek out those teachings is your choice, and I fully support any decision you make. The way I see it, however, you now have 3 options:

1) Shy away from any concrete decisions now, live your life and deal with your challenges as you always have, and delay getting closer to Shiva until the time is “right” (hint: life is short, there’s never a better time than the present!)

2) Pay tens of thousands of dollars to enroll in an Indian Mythology course at a prestigious university, or give up your possessions and spend the next few years in a remote Indian ashram

3) Try my Shiva’s Path to Purnatva home training program at zero risk for up to 60 days, and give yourself the quickest, most affordable path to elevating your life through Shiva’s wisdom.

The choice is yours, and I fully support any decision you make.

But let me just say that if my program works for you, your life will never be the same.
Even if the wisdom on display is only half as potent as I say it is, you’ll still come out on top.

And if the program simply doesn’t appeal to you for whatever reason, or if you find yourself too busy to spend a few minutes a day using it, you can still return it for a full, prompt, no-questions-asked refund.

I invite you to order your copy of Shiva’s Path to Purnatva NOW, and allow me to guide you on this journey. You’ll be glad you took my hand!

Here’s what you’ll get when you order Shiva’s Path to Purnatva

  • 7 HD video training sessions giving you every step
    to achieving Purnatva

    Two FREE special features:

    • A premium coffee table book packed with lessons and artwork from the program (worth $67)
    • Shiva the Destroyer – an additional video training session (worth $37)
  • An unconditional 60-day money back guarantee

Order on this page NOW and get an instant one-time-only over 30% discount

My mission is to spread Shiva’s wisdom to as many people as possible. By joining my community, you’re helping me fulfill that purpose – which is why in return, I’d like to help you fulfill yours. Start your journey into Shiva’s greatest gifts with Shiva’s Path to Purnatva – and enjoy a one-time-only over 30% discount. To be fair to my subscribers who pay full price for this program, this discount is only valid when you order now on this page.

So why not give it a try? And remember you’re still protected by my unconditional 60-day money back guarantee.

Thank you millions of times for all these precious and pious knowledge that you have been sharing with me.To be frank I would like to let you know that all these valuable experiences, shlokas etc have really helped me a lot. All these positive DVD’s have worked wonders by giving me positive energy which I was lacking due to stress and problems but now I can fight back all these shortcomings very easily.

Once again my noble and genius friend thank you millions of times.


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I am very grateful to have found you and connecting with you.Since I mysteriously connected with you, I have seen the power of your work in my life – there is so much good, insights and enlightenment and growth in me this has brought. I feel very touched when I think of you and India. My appreciation and experiences are overwhelming. From the bottom of my heart, Thank You, and I wish you abundance in all spheres of your life. May the Loving, Kind and Gracious Lord of lords, King of kings richly bless you.

Love Mandro

I just want to thank you, the wisdom you’ve shared (and continue to share) with me did so much good in my life, and there must be a million others like me who’s path has been illuminated as a result of your efforts to share the priceless gift of knowledge. You are the lamp that lights our way, and I know that I am blessed to have been placed on your path. Thank you for always sharing the light within.

I look forward to the surprise to come, its uncanny how you have the knack of sending me the very info needed -just before I need it.

Lisa Michelle Crooks

South Africa

I really just want to take this minute to write you and say THANK YOU, Thank You for your riveting and very exciting writings that you sent me, and without expecting ANYTHING in return. Where do you get you zest for life? I want to tell you this, I’ve been going through your lessons with a lot of enthusiasms and really started changing my way of thinking, Guess what, I had just found a job after being unemployed for nearly three years, all because of YOU, I changed my attitude and now know that each of us are here for a reason. I am debt ridden but promise myself I will get rid of my debt and next year this time I will be the master of my destiny, with the help of my Creator. Many thanks for kicking me out of my comfort zone, I look at life and things around me with different eyes. I just want to say Thank You yet again.

Coreen Michaels






Port-of-spain, Trinidad and Tobago

The bonus video is a dream. Excellent production values, silken sound and video. Yes, I have studied the God, but your’s is the most lucid, most learned account I’ve seen.

Tony Rosato

United States

Thanks for your excellent work experience and willingness to teach others. I feel its a great approach to teach Shiva’s principles to those who are suffering in life with many odds. Lord Shiva is an ocean of knowledge and unlimited power which He gains through Meditation. That’s why He is called Adi and Ananta. Learning His Wisdom through meditation is really important to save our Civilization, you and your team are doing that noble job.


Dr. Bijon Kumar Sil

Really when I read your mail tears come from my eyes,what u say is divine truth.
I experience what u r say. No words to express my pleasure and faith in god,the supreme power,without god life has no meaning. Thank you so much!


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