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The research, lecturing, and teaching of Nilima Chitgopekar invariably exhibit a most pleasing harmony, bringing together scholarship, textual study, attention to the arts and religious practice, and a care for the wide sharing of the fruits of study. In balancing the academic and popular, Dr. Chitgopekar successfully deepens our understanding of the Hindu traditions of India, and show us how the great traditions and lived religion today are complementary and necessary to one another.

Francis X.Clooney, SJ, Director of the Center for the Study of World Religions, Harvard University, USA.

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“What I find most compelling about Nilima Chitgopekar’s presentations is her ability to combine deep learning and erudition with a warm, approachable humanness. She convinces me that the gods are continuously around and within us, that they are much more than deities from ancient texts or installations in temples; that they are, instead, the loving embodiments of our daily lives our passions, our aspirations, our longings, our deeper spiritual selves.”

Dean Casale, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of English and American Studies New Jersey, USA Author of forthcoming book, An Aesthetics of Consumption: Edgar Allen Poe and the American Magazine Industry


“The first time I met Dr Chitgopekar it was at a talk I gave on the Yoginis’ Cult. Though she’s incredibly knowledgeable about this ancient cult, she was curious to hear another point of view. She is full of intelligent curiosity. Since then, I have had the privilege to hear several of her talks on different topics. Her explanations are clear, structured and full of wisdom. She can present the big picture as well as she gives details that make the story fascinating. She brings to light the complexity of Hindu pantheon by combining the study of religion, historical data, mythology, and ancient texts. It is why she has been invited to lecture in many different Universities and Colleges in India and abroad. “

Stella Dupuis
Stella Dupuis is a Swiss author and observer of different cultures and lifestyles. She also taught Yoga and meditation throughout the world. ‘Teli Ka Mandir’, ‘The Yogini Temples of India’, ‘In the Belly of The Fish’ and ‘The Esoteric teachings of the Kaulajñanirnaya’ are among her recent published works.


“Dr. Nilima Chitgopekar is one of those rare forces in academia – a truly engaging, personable, and insightful professor who has inspired legions of students and colleagues with her lectures on Ancient Indian History. Her deep knowledge and understanding of Hindu mythologies is matched by her profound rootedness in the here and now, and it is this remarkable combination that makes her narration of the gods so appealing. She gets right to the heart of the gods’ wisdom and their relevance to our world today, and her stories always leave one with a desire to hear more.”

Nira Gupta-Casale, Ph.D.
Assoc. Prof./Dept.of English, Kean University, New Jersey, USA


“Dr. Chitgopekar has revived the wisdom of the ages, and presents sublime lessons in gentle ways. She is a dedicated teacher who has reached out to remind us that we are not lost and alone in our search for meaning in this life.”

Terry Wilson – United States


“I thank you for all the inspirational emails. Absolutely great literature; I look forward to them and reread over and over. I can feel your true and deep connections with Lord Shiva my beloved! Your teachings come at the most perfect timing in my life.Thank you very much Respectfully”

Marlene – Guyana

Thank you millions of times for all these precious and pious knowledge that you have been sharing with me.To be frank I would like to let you know that all these valuable experiences, shlokas etc have really helped me a lot. All these positive DVD’s have worked wonders by giving me positive energy which I was lacking due to stress and problems but now I can fight back all these shortcomings very easily.
Once again my noble and genius friend thank you millions of times.


Digital Plan

Download the entire digital Program
and get Instant Access Now.


Digital + Physical Plan

The entire Program shipped free PLUS
Instant Access to Digital Program.


I am very grateful to have found you and connecting with you.Since I mysteriously connected with you, I have seen the power of your work in my life – there is so much good, insights and enlightenment and growth in me this has brought. I feel very touched when I think of you and India. My appreciation and experiences are overwhelming. From the bottom of my heart, Thank You, and I wish you abundance in all spheres of your life. May the Loving, Kind and Gracious Lord of lords, King of kings richly bless you.

Love Mandro

I just want to thank you, the wisdom you’ve shared (and continue to share) with me did so much good in my life, and there must be a million others like me who’s path has been illuminated as a result of your efforts to share the priceless gift of knowledge. You are the lamp that lights our way, and I know that I am blessed to have been placed on your path. Thank you for always sharing the light within.
I look forward to the surprise to come, its uncanny how you have the knack of sending me the very info needed -just before I need it.

Lisa Michelle Crooks, South Africa

I really just want to take this minute to write you and say THANK YOU, Thank You for your riveting and very exciting writings that you sent me, and without expecting ANYTHING in return. Where do you get you zest for life? I want to tell you this, I’ve been going through your lessons with a lot of enthusiasms and really started changing my way of thinking, Guess what, I had just found a job after being unemployed for nearly three years, all because of YOU, I changed my attitude and now know that each of us are here for a reason. I am debt ridden but promise myself I will get rid of my debt and next year this time I will be the master of my destiny, with the help of my Creator. Many thanks for kicking me out of my comfort zone, I look at life and things around me with different eyes. I just want to say Thank You yet again.

Coreen Michaels

The bonus video is a dream. Excellent production values, silken sound and video. Yes, I have studied the God, but your’s is the most lucid, most learned account I’ve seen.

Tony Rosato, United States

Really when I read your mail tears come from my eyes,what u say is divine truth.
I experience what u r say. No words to express my pleasure and faith in god,the supreme power,without god life has no meaning. Thank you so much!


P.S. The author has been inspired to work thus by her real life experience, academic study as well as personal & social practice. This Course is based on authoritative, in-depth research, observation and practical application in real life events.

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