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There is the law of energy, there is the law of attraction, is there also a LAW OF RELATIONSHIPS?

Discover the one law that governs any and every relationship, which will not only help you heal from feelings of loss, pain and estrangement from past relationships but will also help you live richer and happier relationships in the present!

Have you heard of the saying
“It is better to have loved and
lost, than to have never loved at all?”

Even though I know it’s true, sometimes its hard to believe. After all, who can think like that when they’re hurting from a loss?

Unfortunately, the loss of a relationship is a devastating reality familiar to us all. When it happens, it takes over our whole life – clouding our judgment and making us feel like nothing will ever be as amazing as it was when the person was around.

But that’s as far from the truth as possible!

In today’s culture it’s pounded into our brain over and over that the end is something to fear and flee. What we don’t realize is that everything is the universe changes – All. The. Time. As do we. When we can accept the change, we’ll see that not only do our relationships change, their change offers us an opportunity to grow and mature. Even if we don’t want to! And while we may never understand what happened or why, we can try to come to terms with what has passed and not let it affect our future decisions.


I’m about to share one of

Closure's Greatest Secret.

It might not seem that life can be ok after a tragic loss, but over time maybe
even years later, you will see that one “end” has lead to a beautiful beginning.

Change is inevitable

We all experiences changes in our lives, and I’m no exception. I’ve experiences the heartache and pain that comes with a change in relationship – I’ve been through a divorce after 17 years of marriage. At the time it was devastating to me, but I somehow managed to get through it. It took everything I have in me to recover from that loss, and learned so much from the experience. Life is fluid, change is inevitable, yet suffering is not. I learned an essential 5 step process that we can each follow when we need to come to terms with a change in relationship, when we’re ready to move forward with our lives powerfully and positively, when we need CLOSURE.

This experience changed my life forever. But I’ll get to that in a minute.


It Will Always Get Better. Always.


We have, all of us, faced loss within our lifetime. It is a tragic truth that is made harder to grasp by our minds’ unwillingness to give in and accept the ultimate demise of our relationship.

When my sister’s husband passed, it was a trying time for us all, especially for my sister and her family. My brother in law left behind two beautiful children who were devastated to lose their father.

But it is what happened after my brother in law’s untimely deaththat truly makes me believe that love is the ultimate destination for us all. And in the end, when everything has fallen apart, we can count on the universe to make it better. Maybe not immediately… But I promise you, it will happen.

What Came Next Has Been My Greatest TRIUMPH.

My brother in law’s passing brought up feelings in me that I thought I had resolved about my first marriage. I was struggling again, until I figured out what was wrong. There is a difference between grief and closure. While I had grieved my marriage, I didn’t have any closure, there was still an unresolved pain that I hadn’t dealt with. I realized that my sister was going through a similar experience. She had grieved, but she needed closure from this change in her relationship with her husband. He was gone. And she had to somehow find this closure on her own. This drove me to find a solution that could help her alleviate her suffering. It is this research and the discoveries that came from it, that gave birth to THE FIVE-STEP SECRET in The Law of Relationship Experience: Finding Peace When Relationships Change.


Every End Is The Beginning
Of Something Beautiful.

A few months after her husband’s passing, my sister hosted a BBQ for her friends and neighbors to thank them for all that they had done to help her and her family get through this tragedy. She even invited one of her neighbors, a gentleman whom she had never met. As it turns out, this man had recently lost his wife after a long battle with cancer. When my sister and this man met, they were going through similar experiences trying to find peace. And they ended up helping each other integrate back into normal life. Little by little, their friendship turned into love and to make a long story short, they finally got married.Now they’re so happy, and the children have embraced their new stepfather. Because my sister found Closure, she was able to move forward with her life, and the Universe supported her in that.


This is something I would never share in public…


But first,

Who Am I? And Why Should You Listen To Me?


I’m Lissa Coffey. And I’m here to guide you to Closure.

I am a lifestyle expert and the media’s go-to person for Lifestyle and relationship advice. My work is a blend of ancient wisdom and modern style and has received accolade by peers like Deepak Chopra and Shaun Robinson. I am also a life coach tapping into my vast knowledge of Ayurveda, Feng Shui, Aromatherapy, Hypnotherapy and other ancient philosophies to come up with positive solutions for contemporary challenges. I have appeared frequently on television and radio and have contributed to many national publications with an ayurvedic approach to modern-day issues.

My most recent and by far my most challenging achievement has been my latest book What's Your Dosha, Baby? Discover the Vedic Way for Compatibility in Life and Love. I am also the author of 6 other bestselling books on living and loving a wholesome and happy life.

But these awards and accolades would mean nothing if I didn’t have the love and support of my family and friends. My children make me realise how truly blessed I have been in life and my husband is one of the most kind and generous man I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Their constant encouragement and approval for what I have undertaken has been the best gift anyone can ever give me. And I am proud to be called a mother and a wife.

In nature as in relationships there are certain laws. Gravity is a law. We can deny it, cry foul even try to disprove it, we’ll always come back to the universal law – gravity exists. And just so, there is a Law of Relationship.

I’m about to tell you something I’ve never shared before, a treasure of vast power and knowledge.

"Eastern philosophy teaches us that change is inevitable, and yet suffering is not. In her insightful new book, "Closure," Lissa Coffey shows us how to learn and grow as we move through the evolution of our relationships. Highly recommended."

Deepak Chopra,
Indian-American author, holistic health/New Age guru

"I loved it! As so often is the case, books that are supposed to lead us back to ourselves can be dense and complicated. Lissa's book allows the reader to understand the insight and wisdom it takes to come back to the joy. Her words reflect how much she truly cares about the healing of humanity. Brava!"

Catherine Hickland,
Actress, Author of The 30-Day Heartbreak Cure

The Law of Relationship

It says:

1) We are all connected.

2) We are here to help each other.

We are all connected in one-way or another. We feel the same emotions; we share the same experiences. A mother in any part the ßworld can relate to another mother she has never seen because she knows what it means, and how it feels, to be a mother. And in the same way, we face challenges and heartache, no matter where we live, or how we live.


Through the Law of Relationship Experience, I will help and support you in finding closure once you’ve accepted the disastrous loss of your relationship. Through my sister's experience and my own internal turmoil immediately after, I came to realize that we all have an urgent need for closure.

Brimming with real-life examples, Transformation Applications and Wisdom Affirmations, The Law of Relationship Experience is a practical and spiritual guide, WITH A LIFE CHANGING SECRET to help each of us achieve the much sought-for peace of mind and greater self-realization.


Please understand that my program is not just for those seeking closure from their past… It is for anyone who has ever needed to or needs to find that ever-elusive peace of mind RIGHT NOW.

What is Closure?

And what does it actually mean to “get closure”?

Like I said before, we’ve all faced the end of a relationship. Not always is this end of our choosing. Sometimes it’s unexpected. Sometimes it is inevitable. But always, always it is something to learn from.

Actually, don’t even think of it as an end. Think of it as a metamorphosis. A transformation. A change for the better. Even when it might not seem so.

But before we reach that stage where we accept the loss as a change, there is so much more we have to go through mentally and emotionally – sadness, grief, anger, pain, we might even feel relief or freedom. In the end we can hold on to destructive emotions for life and let them cloud our every judgment or we can come to a place of acceptance. Accept the change that is such an intrinsic element for our growth.

Developed through personal experience and passionate research, my program is the perfect tool to help you move on and be ready for more positively fulfilling relationships in your life- in work, friendship or love. And in times when you feel stuck and helpless, this programis there to support, guide and advise you out of the dark hole, so you can bask in the light.



  • The loss of a relationship is a devastating reality, unfortunately familiar to us all.
  • The end can and does have a life changing impact, sometimes small, other times profound.

Part 1 -

The Anatomy of Relationships

  • The Law Of Relationship
  • Exploring Ourselves
  • Who ARE you?
  • The Kindness Alternative
  • Be The Dog – Get Out of The Corner
  • You Get What You Give
  • Three Life Changing Revelations
  • Showing is Caring

Part 2-


  • Are You Reading The Signs?
  • Forgive, Detach, Let Go
  • We All Have “Stuff”
  • Stop Saying NO… Say YES instead.
  • The Present Is The Perfect Gift
  • The Mindful Shall Triumph

Part 3 -

Coming Full Circle

  • Remind Yourself of Who You Are
  • The Gift Of Silence
  • You Are A Survivor.
  • The Only Constant In Our Lives
  • Everything Goes
  • We Are Always The Same

Bonus 1 -

Module 1-11

  • Transformative Applications For Mental and Spiritual Evolution
  • Wisdom Affirmations For Inspiration and Peace of Mind

Bonus 2 -

The Releasing player

  • The Releasing Prayer by Lissa Coffey
  • To find release from your past
  • To find peace about your future
  • To find the perfect gift in your present
  • bonus3

    Bonus 3 -

    Finding Closure

    • What To Do When It’s Back To Being Just “Me”
    • Affirm The Change And Leave The Past Behind
    • Understanding the Reasons Why
    • Finding Peace In Who You Are

    On ordering now, you will also get access to Lissa's book-

    Closure and the Law of Relationship: Endings as New Beginnings

    Completely Free of Cost!

    In this book, Lissa takes an in-depth look at the course of relationships in our lives and shows how each can be a learning tool in our journey of Self-awakening.

    In this inspiring and practical book, Lissa takes you on a journey of human relationships, interweaving real-life examples as she speaks about the ties you create with our parents, partners, siblings, children, and coworkers.

    With the assistance of real-life examples, Transformation Applications, and Wisdom Affirmations, Coffey illuminates our understanding and provides activities to help readers process the different relationship stages.

    In Closure and the Law of Relationship, she has created a practical, spiritual guide to help readers achieve peace of mind and greater Self-realization.

    "The essential guide for anyone who is looking to increase their sense of peace, joy and fulfillment. Follow Lissa's Wisdom and experience a total sense of enlightenment."

    Peggy McColl,
    Author of Your Destiny Switch

    “What is, is; your relationship is over. Now Lissa guides you through the difficult process of accepting the things you cannot change, minimizing the pain, and moving on. You’ll feel better, and you’ll grow as you learn. I will be giving this book to many of my hypnotherapy clients.”

    -Dick Sutphen,
    Author of Soul Agreements


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    “There can be no doubt that Lissa Coffey knows from whence she speaks when it comes to relationships. She understands that every relationship, regardless of how good or bad it is, shall have an ending as surely as it had a beginning. Lissa shows us how to open the portal of closure and gently guides us through the opening. The result is nothing less than the peace that passes all understanding. Lissa demonstrates how closure allows us to step into the present moment where new life awaits us with open arms. That is the blessing to be found in this book.”

    Dennis Merritt Jones,
    Author of The Art of Being~ 101 Ways to Practice Purpose In Your Life

    “Who among us hasn’t been devastated by the loss of a relationship – whether through separation, divorce, or death? Most of the time, we can’t see beyond the present moment and mistakenly believe that life could never be as good without that other person in our daily lives. By the end of the journey through Lissa Coffey’s book, Closure, we come to realize that we will be better for having loved, and life will be even sweeter when we start to live it again!”

    Shaun Robinson ,
    TV Host, Author of Exactly As I Am

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    After I had my two boys’ I was done! Pregnancy was not fun for me at all. I was sick every day, I couldn’t work, I couldn’t sleep and my feet had swollen up so much I could hardly find shoes that fit me. So imagine my surprise when I found myself pregnant yet again. I cried. This was not what I wanted and I felt terrible for not wanting it. It took me a long time to come to terms with my pregnancy and to be happy about it. But sure enough, over time I came to love and look forward to meeting this beautiful being inside me. Everyone was so excited.


    But then I started bleeding, just like I had done with my first miscarriage. I was really worried and began to be super-careful in everything I did. I had already bonded with this baby and I didn’t want to lose it. But a few days later that’s exactly what happened. It was a nightmare for us.

    It took me time to accept this baby’s passing, to realize that we had had a bond and that it was now over, to understand that the baby and I both had an agreement in this experience and now that agreement had been fulfilled. Of course even though I came to accept what had passed, I still had to go through the subsequent stages of closure, THE FIVE STEPS TO CLOSURE.

    RIGHT NOW is the perfect time to put the past behind you,
    to just say enough is enough, and to move on towards a more love filled future, to begin anew with confidence, and optimism.


    I’m Here To Help

    Sometimes we can face overwhelming odds that show no signs of ever letting up. They can go on for months or years and leave us feeling paralyzed with anxiety and fear. Other times things occur so suddenly that by the time you’ve processed what’s happening, it’s over. Separation, divorce or death, the end is always the same. We’ve lost someone that we cared about and the feeling of abandonment (or sometimes relief) is overpowering. In these times please remember:

    I’m here to help you get through this painful time.

    By the end of my program you will come to see that the death of a relationship can be transformed from the profound pain of "What have I lost?" to a potentially life-changing "What have I learned?" And with the help of the exercises and tools presented within, each relationship and its inevitable evolution will become a path to learning, peace and self-transformation.

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    The Law of Relationship
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    Program and get Instant Access Now

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    “Lissa is so right about her perspective to relationships. Each person with whom we bond has come into our life for a purpose. They are either a teacher to us or we are a teacher to them. When we focus on the lessons that person’s interactions have taught us, then the transition of the relationship, including the ending of it, has great insight for us. All relationships are temporary, so when we embrace that closure is a transition it is easier to move through.”

    Dating Goddess,
    Author of the Adventures in Delicious Dating After 40 series


    As you begin the process of closure, allow your mind and heart to be open to new possibilities and accept the change that follows. I am willing to bet something wonderful is about to happen...