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“Dr. Chitgopekar has revived the wisdom of the ages, and presents sublime lessons in gentle ways. She is a dedicated teacher who has reached out to remind us that we are not lost and alone in our search for meaning in this life.”

Terry Wilson

“I thank you for all the inspirational emails. Absolutely great literature; I look forward to them and reread over and over. I can feel your true and deep connections with Lord Shiva my beloved! Your teachings come at the most perfect timing in my life.Thank you very much Respectfully”


"The research, lecturing, and teaching of Nilima Chitgopekar invariably exhibit a most pleasing harmony, bringing together scholarship, textual study, attention to the arts and religious practice, and a care for the wide sharing of the fruits of study. In balancing the academic and popular, Dr. Chitgopekar successfully deepens our understanding of the Hindu traditions of India, and show us how the great traditions and lived religion today are complementary and necessary to one another."

Francis X.Clooney

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